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Tree Preservation for Kansas City Commercial & Residential Property

Services to Protect and Preserve Mature and Young Trees

One of your most important features of your landscape are your trees.They provide beauty and protection for your property. Kingdom Tree is dedicated to protecting and preserving both mature and young trees. Our skilled tree care professionals utilize highly effective equipment to nurture and enhance the beauty of our urban environment.


Soil Compaction

Excessive soil compaction impedes tree root growth and therefore limits the amount of soil explored by roots. This, in turn, can decrease the tree’s ability to take up nutrients and water. Insect and disease problems can develop as a result. When the nutrient deficiency is great enough, that can be enough to damage a tree on its own. Compaction can develop as a result of construction project or simply everyday vehicle or foot traffic over the roots. In Kansas City, clay soils are more prone to soil compaction that other more porous soils.


Girdling Roots

What are girdling roots? It’s when something is tightly wrapped around the tree’s trunk or stem. A stem girdling root circles or partially circles the base of a tree at or just below the soil surface. Stem girdling roots are harmful because they choke off the flow of water and nutrients between the roots and branches and food produced in the leaves from reaching the roots. They can also compress and weaken the trunk of a tree causing it to lean and lose its stability. Trees having stem girdling roots suffer a slow decline in health and a premature death.