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Residential Home

Kingdom Tree can help you improve the look and value of your private residences through its tree and shrub health care services. Our services are designed to improve the health and beauty of your trees and shrubs on your property. We work with residential customers to create a customized service program, which are conducted by skilled technicians on a pre-scheduled basis.


Construction Services & Landscape Contractors

If you are a homebuilder, landscape contractor or land developer, Kingdom Tree can help you with your pre and post construction projects. Today’s construction and post construction projects require knowledgeable and experienced tree services professionals that understand city and state regulations for tree preservation, conservation and replacement. Kingdom Tree can help you adhere to regulations, guidelines and ultimately increases the value and beauty the property.


Commercial Properties

Kingdom Tree works with the finest commercial and property management companies to improve the look and value of their landscapes through proper care of their trees. Our trained technicians protect property owners against liability they pose; regardless if the property is a  multi-site complex or a single structure. Kingdom Tree offers customized services for commercial/property management businesses that remain on budget and exceed expectations.

Municipalities & Parks

If you are a manager within the Kansas City and Johnson County county parks and recreation departments, contact Kingdom Tree to find out how we can help you. Our tree care professionals can help local municipalities by focusing on the long-term tree requirements of our urban forest.