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Kingdom Tree

Your Satisfaction is Our First Priority

We strive to see a smile on everyone’s face. There’s more to business than just earning money. The fact of gaining trust through building a relationship comes first in our book! We have educated individuals on staff to help you, instead of pressure you. We are here for you, which benefits us!

Our Pledge

With Kingdom Tree, you can expect to receive fair and honest business. With no high pressure sales reps, we simply advise you on the diagnosis of the tree or the scope of work..We allow you to make your decision. We understand what it’s like to feel pressured into something based on emotions, so we strive to allow the customer to feel relaxed through our meetings. Having credible representatives allows us to offer our customer’s just that.

We have years of experience under our belt, allowing us to confront situations we may face with confidence. We understand that having a company on your property, performing services that may seem risky, can be…well let’s just say it, it can be a little scary sometimes. That’s why we take pride in our expertise, using caution and precision with every cut. Whether it is a complicated removal or light trim, we have the equipment and knowledge to tackle the job.

We offer competitive pricing, with exceptional work. A combination that we all seek in business. But as we know…it’s hard to find. But you have found it here! A company that is in it for you!